New Nordic is extremely passionate about the healing pow­er of nature and has over 30 years of experience in herbal ingredients. Specialising in herbal supplements and beauty products based on extensive scientific proof we are able to be innovative, effective and produce pure products that work in harmony with the body. The holistic beauty range we have created is rich in active herbal ingredients which means, with the help of nature’s herbal molecules we can activate life processes and func­tionality of the body’s cells.

New Nordic believes in the holistic approach, meaning that the first step, which is the most important step of all, is to focus on beauty from within. Something which many do not consider or skip. It is extremely important to make sure that we provide the body with the nutrients it needs from within. Taking food supplements and using beauty products with the same active herbal ingredients is the perfect way to care for the body both from the inside and out. Beauty In & Out™ represents this holistic approach we have towards a new beauty routine that will treat the body’s entire ecosystem, internally and externally.

Focusing on the cause
Beauty supplements work from the inside in harmony with your body, by reaching and affecting the living skin cells that cosmetics can’t reach from the outside.

Focusing on the signs
The new skin and hair care products by New Nordic have an instant cosmetic effect that gives a younger and more beautiful look and feel. This works in synergy with internal beauty supplements